Call for support: The Rights of Indigenous Peoples Under Threat in Chile 08 Feb 2018

NZARE has been asked to circulate this call for support.



The Rights of Indigenous Peoples Under Threat in Chile

Professor Claudio Fuentes, Escuela de Ciencia Política, Universidad Diego Portales has written to Dr Marama Muru Lanning, Acting Director, James Henare Maori Research Centre asking for hers and other organisations and institutions for support. Why? Recently, business leaders and political officials close to the incoming administration of Sebastián Piñera that will take over governing Chile in March have expressed their intent to “remove Chile from Convention 169 of the International Labour Organisation (ILO)”. Convention 169 protects Indigenous and tribal peoples’ right to free, prior and informed consent on matters that affect them.  The Convention has been effective in Chile since 2009.


According to Professor Claudio Fuentes, if the incoming Chilean government withdraws from the Convention, the advancement of legal protections [of the Indigenous peoples] already attained will be diminished.  The withdrawal, he says, “would deepen the country’s already backward position in protecting the indigenous peoples’ rights.” Professor Fuentes has pointed out that Chile’s constitution does not recognise the Indigenous peoples.  As the final point, Professor Fuentes urges, “national and international organisations as well as social movements to come together in the efforts [sic] to collectively develop effective mechanisms that guarantee and advance the rights of indigenous people,” in Chile.


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