NZARE Represented at AERA 2017 20 May 2017

The selected symposium:  Diversity in community: Indigenous scholars writing  was presented at the 2017 AERA Annual Meeting in San Antonio at the beginning of May. It was made up of three papers: Tuakana-Taina: A pedagogy of Maori doctoral study and research was presented by Cheryl Stephens, (Nga Pumanawa e Waru Education Trust);  Fakakoloa he kaungafonongà: A Tongan perspective on Nga Pae o te Maramatanga international writing retreats. Linita Manu’atu, AUT University; and Pono and ‘write’ retreats. Tangiwai Kepa. 

Mere Kepa writes: AARE Symposium 2017

“On behalf of the team, I am pleased to report to the NZARE Council that the Invited NZARE symposium was presented excellently and received enthusiastically by the attentive audience of colleagues from Aotearoa, doctoral candidates and educators from the US. In my experience of academic conferences, an excellent presentation is marked by the people who remain after the presentation to talk more, to request guidance and support. I am happy to report that the team will be communicating with members of the audience, particularly with candidates seeking guidance in their scholarly writing.

As important as the symposium is the scholarly work, by the team, yet to come; therefore, I am delighted to report to the Council that the team will continue our academic relationship in the following manner in 2017:

The paper submitted successfully to AERA will be reworked for consideration for publication by the Intercultural Journal, for example. All of the team will be authors to this new publication.

The team proposes to collaborate with the purpose to write a book that extends the notion of “diversity in community”.

The team proposes to meet in Rotorua in August 2017 to dialogue, record, transcribe and write the book.

Meanwhile the team continues to communicate ideas using electronic mail.

Respectfully, the team extends our appreciation [to NZARE] for its support of our scholarly work.”

Photo shows the team at San Antonio: L-R Charmaine I Kaimikaua, Onowa McIvor, Paul Whitinui, Cheryl Stephens, Tanya Wendt Samu, Mere Berryman, Linita Manu’atu, Garrison Tsinajinie & Mere Kepa

Garrison Tsinajinie, a PhD student at University of Arizona met the team (see above) and sent the following comment that the team would like to share:

"... I shared my powerful experience in your session with family and friends, but I am sure even my recounting of the memory did not do it justice.  Thank you so much for the wisdom you all shared that day.  I am truly honored.   As my research interests begin to take shape and become more tangible, I am confident the work I have put into my first year will be truly fruitful.  Mere, Cheryl, and Linita, thank you all again for truly speaking to my heart that day.  I will definitely be in touch and look forward to the day our paths cross again.  Best, - Garrison Tsinajinie "