NZARE at AERA symposium 13 Apr 2016

When most of the members of the “Amorangi: Doctoring our Own” symposium team had to withdraw from attending theNZARE at AERA2016 AERA General Meeting in April, it left the remaining (and booked) member of the team, Miriama Postlethwaite, in an awkward position.  Although she could give her own paper and a summary of the others, it would have left the NZARE’s Invited Symposium slot a bit short.  However, another NZARE Council member and respected member of one of the AERA Working Groups, Tanja Wendt Samu stood up and offered to gather together a group of NZ delegates to support Miriama and talk about some of their work to make a slightly different but generally coherent symposium presentation. 

The papers and presenters were:   

  1. Tanya Wendt Samu, The University of Auckland: “Metaphors & Mantras:  Navigating the Writing of a Theoretical Doctoral Thesis”
  2. Hine Waitere, Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi:  “Written on, Written over but Refusing to be Written off: The  Self-study of an Indigenous Alien”
  3. Miriama Postlethwaite, Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi: “Wairuatanga: Examining Wairua as Motivation for Doctoral Students”
  4. Associate Professor Margie Hohepa, University of Waikato: “Confessions of a Maori Doctoral Supervisor”
  5. Professor Huia Jahnke, Massey University: “A Pedagogy of Mentoring Maori Doctoral Journeys”NZARE team at AERA 2016

With Dr Raukura Roa, University of Hawaii-Manoaas chair and Professor Cindy Kiro, University of Auckland  as Discussant.

NZARE thanks these people for their initiative and for making NZ proud. Photo shows the NZ team