The Pasifika caucus of NZARE supports the interests of members with an interest in Pacific Islands Education and education of Pasifika in New Zealand

Kia orana, mālō e lelei, talofa lava, bula vinaka, mauri, fakaalofa lahi atu and warm Pacific greetings. 

 “(Re)imagining Pacific education sustainability: research offerings and possibilities”

 This theme, “(Re)imagining Pacific education sustainability: research offerings and possibilities” encourages us to not only consider improving Pasifika/Pacific education but to do so in a way that is mindful of sustainability. It is an invitation to (re)consider education’s purpose within our changing contexts as a consequence of climate change within the post-covid context. We collectively consider what is meant by Pasifika/Pacific education and widen the lens to these contextual realities not being confined within the four walls typical of Euro western forms of education. Our theme points to (re)imagining the research offerings and possibilities that ensure our research-work contributes to more mindful and agentic sustainable educational practices and relations, appreciating our changing natural environments and social communities. Our collective belief of research being a powerful means to create this sustainable change leaves the door open to the possibilities and offerings that will feature at this year’s conference.

Details still to be organised

Planning for this day is still underway but is likely to start at 10am to allow travel time to Palmerston North and finish late afternoon. 

Costs are yet to be calculated for this day, but we are committed to keeping costs low for you. 

To help us with our planning, please indicate your interest and intention to join us on the day. Please email