"Me tau pōike - Tau atu, tau atu"
Crises: Waste Not, Want Not: Wonderings and wanderings in education


The Māori text, taken from a line of Sir Tīmoti’s Kāretu’s Ngeri ‘Kī mai nei a Te Wharehuia’ gives us a steer in terms of working towards equilibrium, where we will have continued equipoise or living in balance. One of the underlying wonderings or wanderings is that we possibly have learnt a lot of ‘stuff’ during covid which we don’t want to waste but could it be that there are plenty of other crises in education right now that we haven’t being paying attention to and which may continue to keep us in a space of dis-equilibrium or imbalance?

2021 Conference Host - Te Herenga Waka Victoria University of Wellington

Faculty of Education 

Dr Jenny Ritchie (VUW) 

Conference convenor 2021


A conference committee will be convened in early 2021.  If you are a current staff member or postgraduate student at Victoria University and you would like to be apart of the conference committee contact here



Conference organiser

For the first time, the Executive Officer will be taking on the role of the conference organiser.  Our new website allows NZARE to organise conference in-house.  It is an exciting time for NZARE and we look forward to this challenge in 2021.   

The role of the conference organiser is to assist in implementing the vision and goals of the conference committee.