"NZARE is how my research got started"  Kuni Jenkins on accepting a Life Membership from the Association in 2015

Benefits of membership include:

  • A forum for networking in all areas of educational research
  • Special interest groups for those who want to network with a focus 
  • Discounted rates at NZARE Events, including workshops and the annual conference
  • Copy of NZJES (2 issues per year)
  • Electronic newsletters - “Input” - about four times a year
  • Option to contribute to Ipu Kererū, the NZARE blog
  • Support of educational researchers at all levels, and targeted support of Maori, Pasifika and Student researchers 
  • Promotion of educational research in Aotearoa
  • Option to present a paper at the annual conference
  • Option to submit a paper to selected international conferences 
  • Nomination for NZARE Awards 
  • Right to vote at AGM and to stand for office


About our members

The Association presently consists of about 360 members. Individual members include teachers, educational researchers, students**, educational administrators, and other people with an interest in learning from educational research. 


Membership Categories


Full member:  This covers Individuals.

Student Member:  Defined as a tertiary student, enrolled at least half-time and in less than half-time paid employment. Subscriptions are reduced. If you are studying part-time but do not qualify because you are employed more than half-time, you need to join as a full member - but tick the box to ask for information for people who are studying.

Retired Member:  Defined as over 59 years of age and in less than half-time paid employment, you may join for a reduced rate.

Any of the above may be resident anywhere in the world.

School Member:  Applies to any early childhood education provider, a primary or secondary school in New Zealand.  The school is the member and receives one copy of the journal and e-newsletters, and may send one person to any one event at the Member rate. This allows a different person to attend different events during the year.

Institutional Member:  Applies to an institution, other than a school (above).   The institutional is the Member and a receives one copy of the printed journal and e-newsletters.  One person may attend any one event at the Member rate. 

Anyone applying for Membership may also elect to be included in one or more Special Interest Groups. Please also show your main areas of research interest using the pre-coded categories on page two of the application form. There is a small fee charged to belong to the SIGs.